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Additional Amenities

As a full service residence, Presidential City offers a variety of additional amenities.


Additional Amenities

Parking is never an issue with our onsite garage.

When you don’t have time to get to our Fitness Center, take advantage of one of our convenient satellite gyms. Our lounges are available for all of your business needs. We’ve incorporated conference rooms and efficient co-working spaces with Wi-Fi and printers to bring you the benefits of an office without the commute. Lounges are conveniently located in each building. We even have space for your furry friends; enjoy our dog parks for some exercise or a game of fetch. And when you just need to relax, you’re always invited to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or join us for a movie.

Madison Lounge

Jefferson Lounge

Washington Lounge

Adams Lounge

Washington Satellite Gym

Jefferson Satellite Gym

Dog Park

Garage Parking